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International Department

International Department is only in charge of patients coming for medical treatment from abroad.

Patients,  living / working in Germany and having a German health insurance shall directly get in touch with the relevant medical department.

Klinikum Nuremberg has a long tradition in providing medical treatment to international patients. For many years, patients from all over the world have been visiting Klinikum Nuremberg for medical treatments provided by renowned professors and physicians.

Our international patients visit us for different purposes and expectations. In this respect, they are not any different from our domestic patients. Admittedly, in connection with medical treatments our international patients are facing administrative barriers, including planning and language barriers in the pre- and post-treatment phase.

For this reason, the International Department was established in 2004 assisting our international patients in providing extensive information to their treatment inquiries, appointment scheduling, instructions for visa application for entry into German territory, admission procedures, interpreting services, etc.

International Department is the single point of contact for all questions and queries for our international patients visiting Klinikum Nuremberg seeking medical treatment. International Department handles the coordination for all appointments  in medical departments, centers and institutes of Klinikum Nuremberg.

Nuremberg Hospital North
Flurstrasse 9
90419 Nuernberg

Tel: +49 911 398 7071 / +49 911 398 7082
Fax: +49 911 398 7441
E-Mail: international@klinikum-nuernberg.de

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