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The Heart & Vascular Center offers to their patients the full spectrum of cardiovascular care services under one roof – comprehensive care from pre-admission treatment to preparing follow-up care plans. With modern medicine today, elderly patients and patients at a ripe old age can be treated
adequately and safely.

Working hours: Monday - Thursday: 07:15 - 16:00, Friday: 07:15 - 15:00


Nuremberg Hospital South
Breslauer Str. 201
90471 Nuernberg



Prof. Dr. T. Fischlein
Head of Department of Cardiosurgery

Prof. Dr. M. Pauschinger
Head of Department of Cardiology

Prof. Dr. Eric Verhoeven
Head of Department of Vascular Surgery

Jutta Ballwieser
Nursing Management at Heart-Vascular-Center

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