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Cardiosurgery - Heart Surgery

Paracelsus Medical University

The Department for Heart Surgery offers all procedures for modern adult heart surgery. Per year, more than 1500 surgeries on the heart and the surrounding vessels are performed in Nuremberg, approx. 1000 of those surgeries are open-heart surgeries by means of using the heart-lung machine .

Two surgery rooms are at our disposal. A surgery team is ready for emergency interventions around the clock.

Nuremberg Hospital South
Breslauer Str. 201
90471 Nuernberg
Location/Building: A.O1 / C.O2.2
Tel: +49 911 398 5441
Fax: +49 911 398 5443


Medical Director
Mr. Prof. Dr. Fischlein

Head of Nursing
Mrs. Ballwieser



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