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Your Treatment Inquiry

Please note that we need your filled and signed release from medical confidentiality as first step. Without this document we are not able to process your request!

For quick and efficient processing of your treatment inquiries, and suggesting adequate treatment options, International Department asks you to send medical records including the following:


Treatment Costs 

Immediately upon receipt of an inquiry for medical treatment, the team of International Department is sending it to the chief physician of the relevant specialty department.

Upon reply – which normally takes one to two workdays – relevant information on treatment option is sent to you by e-mail including a rough cost estimate. Treatment option is serving as basis for our “cost estimate”. This will be a rough cost estimate only, because costs may be lower or higher depending on the course of treatment.

Prior to starting treatment, it is required that the full amount of cost estimate is paid as advance deposit to the account of Klinikum Nuremberg specified. We ask for your understanding that medical treatment is starting only after full payment of advance deposit has been made.



International Department is providing official confirmation of appointments scheduled if you wish to file a visa application with the German Embassy in your home country for obtaining a visa for entry to Germany for medical treatment.

Copies of patient’s passport and if necessary of an accompanying person needed to complete this process. We have to confirm information to the German Embassy in your home country that full advance payment was received for coverage of treatment costs. Therefore, a letter of certification can only be made upon receipt of full advance deposit.

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